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Activate   |   Engage   |   Convert

You can’t force a customer journey, but you can engineer it. Powerful call to actions are the way to do just that. Activation is all about creating and leveraging touch points and integrating these into opportunities for valuable interaction. Makeevery interaction count. Classic examples are tied to voting, exciting contests, fundraising, access to exclusive content, or contract renewals.

Activate   |   Engage   |   Convert

Once activated, a stunning campaign will pop up that is completely styled according to the desired look and feel. Key in skyrocketing engagement is delivering the promise made in the call to action right away and anticipating on the needs based on the specific customer journey milestone. The controlled campaign environment provides excellent story telling opportunities to lengthen the interaction and truly engage. The results prove that surpassing expectations generally secures the best conversion rates.

Activate   |   Engage   |   Convert

Only truly engaged participants convert, helping your hit your goals. We minimize bounces and accidental drop-outs as the participant will literally be pulled through your conversion goals one by one. The focus will be sustained, allowing us to pursue multiple goals in one campaign. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination due to the flexibility of our ecosystem. Use it for lead generation, opt-ins, data enrichment, mobile coupons, upselling services, social engagement, fundraising and combining customer support with cross-sell opportunities.

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