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We create powerful campaigns that resonate. At M.I.C, every campaign is unique. From look and feel to the data to be collected, we personalize each element based on your targets, and are not satisfied until we have created a campaign that will activate, engage and convert.

For many companies getting the right message across, to the right person, on the relevant moment can be a challenge on many levels. That is where our campaign tooling comes in. The campaigns lengthen the current interaction, in which branded content can be bridged with commercial goals. Whether you are looking to activate your target group via YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS or other communication channels, the campaigns can be triggered with any activation message.

Activate   |   Engage   |   Convert

A powerful Call to Action (CTA) is the key to any successful campaign. Make an irresistible promise and observe as the open rate increases. Classic examples of such successful media and advertising CTAs are connected to for voting – think of The Voice, exciting contests, free samples or free access to exclusive content. Activation in existing business processes is all about leveraging customer touch points and integrating these into an interactive campaign. All with the objective of surpassing expectations and creating cross-conversion opportunities.

Activate   |   Engage   |   Convert

Once the link has been tapped, a stunning campaign will pop up that is completely styled according to the desired look and feel. We know that a brand isn’t just a logo, but an identity system that should have a consistent message across all platforms, including ours. Key in sustaining engagement is delivering the promise made in the CTA straight away or by anticipating on the various needs. It is all about content and providing reason to hang around the campaign just a bit longer!

Activate   |   Engage   |   Convert

On a typical landing page, focus is easily lost. Participants bounce or click on external links. Our campaigns work differently: Even though the campaign is hosted in the browser, the consumer will literally be pulled through the goals one by one. Within the controlled environment, bounce rates are minimized as all external content is hosted within the campaign. Focus is sustained, which allows us to pursue multiple conversion goals in one campaign. This combined with the trustworthiness and relevancy of the engagement, has proven to bring stunning conversion results.

The flexible architecture of our platform allows us to offer unlimited campaign applications, which can be used for a wide range of marketing activities including lead generation, opt-ins, data enrichment, sending samples and deploying mobile coupons, selling products and upselling services, promoting apps and social engagement, acquiring donors and ambassadors and combining customer support with review, upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


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