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All of our solutions involve data generation components. We help our customers comply with the GDPR, by storing, protecting and managing this data according to European standards. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new digital privacy regulation. It standardizes a wide range of different privacy legislations across the EU into one central set of regulations. As M.I.C tooling enables its clients to collect, process and store data, our activities are regulated by the GDPR.

What is M.I.Cs role in collecting and storing data?

According to the GDPR terminology, M.I.C acts as a subcontractor or also called data processor. Our clients are processing managers or data controllers. As a subcontractor, we act on behalf of the processing manager, with the latter defining the purposes of the processing and the resources to be used. Consequently, M.I.C is obliged to respect the purposes for which the data has been entrusted and to ensure that it deploys the processing resources defined by or in consultation with the processing manager. Under no circumstances will M.I.C be permitted to act beyond the scope of the instructions given by its clients. The role of M.I.C will always be defined in a data processing agreement entered into with its clients.

Does M.I.C fully comply with the GDPR?

Yes, M.I.C has implemented technical, organizational and legal measures to ensure its full compliance with the GDPR.

How does M.I.C ensure that the data is collected with the consent of the person concerned?

The GDPR stipulates that the processing manager must be able to demonstrate that the person concerned has given their unequivocal consent for their personal data to be processed. The processing manager is required to inform the person concerned of the purposes of the processing of their personal data, the period for which their data will be retained, the use of automated decision-making, including profiling. The processing manager must also retain proof of the consent. M.I.C offers its clients both solutions for obtaining the unequivocal consent of their participants, like generating opt-ins, and managing the data collected of end users. Besides, M.I.C also offers its clients solutions to export and erase data of end users in order to comply with data retention requirements.

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