Why M.I.C

  • Activate
  • Engage
  • Convert

Mobile Interaction Company specialises in the creation of relevant contact between companies and their target audiences. We develop campaign tools that allow organisations to communicate directly one-on-one to mobile devices, independent of apps and going through various communication channels, such as Facebook Messenger, email, and text messaging.

  • Consultancy

    Whether you need advice in determining the most effective message or the timing of your campaign, we are here to help.

  • Creation

    Once you decide on the message, we develop the campaign: from creation to setting up the dashboard until launch

  • Full service

    M.I.C is a full-service agency, with a single point of contact, from design to follow-up. We are here to develop and run whatever you desire.

  • Methodology

    We create powerful mobile campaigns that resonate, all built around our philosophy Activate, Engage, Convert. Click to learn how to convert the M.I.C way.

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